Are you going crazy thinking that there is nothing you can safely eat?

Hi, I’m Michele,

I help simplify the nutritional needs for individuals with various problems such as various issues from hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, chronic kidney disease, weight issues, bariatric to eating disorders by providing nutrition counseling and education with realistic lifestyle changes

“Feeling lost and don’t know what to eat?”“Are you feeling overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated with all this information from
the internet?”

“Are you going crazy thinking that there is nothing you can safely eat?”

“Are you tired and frustrated with trying to lose the weight and keep it off?”

“You don’t know what to do with when you have those sugar cravings?

I’m Michele, a registered dietitian. I work with people who SUFFER WITH ENDLESS ISSUES. The bottom line for everyone is Simplicity. Everyone regardless of what they have want to know how to make easy, delicious meals that benefits them.  Honestly, I LOVE TO EAT AND I HAVE HEALTH ISSUES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!! With a hectic lifestyle, I love to make simple healthy meals that taste good. My unique approach is to help find deliciously doable food choices and using mindfulness to help eat in moderation where you can still enjoy food.

  • Spent years in undergraduate and graduate school
  • Spent at least 1200 hours for my dietetic internship and taking my registered
    dietitian license
  • Experienced working in various healthcare settings from hospital, long-term care and
    rehabilitation, outpatient and food service
  • Currently, spent more than 3000 hours in the renal world